Frequently Asked Questions

General Questions

Custom-fit wetsuits provide comfort, warmth, and flexibility in the water. Wearing a perfectly tailored wetsuit keeps you focused so can explore longer. More importantly, the custom-fit wetsuit elevates your performance, as it does its job in keeping the water out and making you feel warm.

We build the wetsuit to perfection by monitoring the construction process carefully and sourcing the best materials. Every cut, seam, and stitch are done with the highest precision to ensure it meets the standard we set.

Our team specifically build each wetsuit by hand and treat with individual care. In case the wetsuit does not fit, we provide alteration or remake for you.

We use proprietary technology to get your measurements accurately. We will ask you to submit the measurements from different body points and rest assured that we will review them to avoid errors. In case we see a mistake, we will reach out as soon as we can.

First, you need to create an account to buy custom-fit wetsuits. You can submit the measurements for your wetsuit before purchasing.

After submission, our pattern makers will review your measurements to ensure there are no mistakes.

You will need the help of another person to get accurate body measurements. Get a ruler, measuring tape, or a straight edge to measure the different points in your body.

Try to relax when getting measured and repeat the process to make sure the numbers are correct.

The Yamamoto neoprene is known to be the highest-grade, warmest, and most durable material from premium limestone made in Japan. It quickly dries, water-impermeable, and light, which is perfect for long dive range. The material also increases your heat retention and is super soft to the skin.

Our very own Fiber-Light premium neoprene is hand-crafted for maximum stretch, flexibility, and warmth like no other.

We’ll let you see and feel the ready-made wetsuits by appointment at our store. Email us at to schedule a visit.

For inquiries and concerns, you can email us at You can also contact our hotline +81-475-762-595 for urgent queries and concerns.

Shipping and Delivery

All wetsuit orders are processed within 4-6 weeks, including the shipment.

All Glidz Japan wetsuits come with a free standard shipping. We also offer an option for express shipping with additional cost. The shipment will start its journey via Japan Post and submitted to worldwide shipping services.

The cost only covers the delivery. You may contact your local customs office to find out the duties and taxes rate for your country.

We can only guarantee 4-6 weeks of processing and delivery time. Contact us at +81-475-762-595 if you have any questions.

We ship custom-fit wetsuits globally, but we are unable to include tariffs and taxes in the shipping. Feel free to check with your local customs office to find out the additional charges.

We can help resolve issues with your local customs office. Give us a call at +81-475-762-595 to get further assistance.

Please give us a call at +81-475-762-595  if you are changing your shipping address.

Wetsuit Care Guidelines

After every use, rinse the wetsuit in freshwater to get rid of sand and debris. Dry out in direct sun and store in a cool, shaded area. Repeat the process after every use.

Alterations and Returns

To request for alteration, make sure circumstance is under the returns warranty. Fill out an alteration request form and upload photos of the damaged or incorrect wetsuit sizing. Print out the form and ship back the wetsuit dry and clean to Factory-Dc Shonan, 2-16-6 Nakuhara Hiratsuka Kanagawa, Japan.

Note that we will ship back the new wetsuit with the improved fitting.

We provide alteration or remake in case of manufacturing issues and order faults. You also need to keep your receipt for warranty claim and return. Glidz Japan reserve the right to refuse warranty claim and returns for customers without an official receipt.

Contact us at +81-475-762-595  for further details.

You can wait for approximately 4 weeks to receive the altered wetsuit. Rest assured, we are thoroughly inspecting the fitting and quality to make it perfect for you.


After submitting the measurements, our Computer-Aided Design software digitally creates the patterns. Our team goes through the measurements to ensure there are no errors. Our wetsuit builders put together the patterns then check for quality.

When everything looks perfect, we package custom-fit wetsuits and ship them to your address.

You don’t need the help of a tailor to get your measurements. You can ask for help from family or friends to measure different body points using a ruler, measuring tape, or a straight edge.

You can submit your measurements before placing an order. Our team will review your measurements and reach out to you in case of errors.

We can create wetsuits for all body types, figures, and sizes. Just make sure to submit accurate body measurements.

No, you can only save your specific measurements in one user account.

Wetsuit Options

Customization and minor modifications are possible to get desired fitting and style. Contact us directly at +81-475-762-595 before placing an order to confirm your modification requests.

We create wetsuits for all sizes and body types, as long as accurate measurements are submitted.

Please send us an email at for additional sizing requests.

We can make wetsuits for children as long as they are within the height of four feet. However, alterations will be limited since they grow quickly.

Payment Process

We accept payments via PayPal only. Contact us at +81-475-762-595 if you have concerns about the payment method.

Taxes will apply if you are purchasing overseas.