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The ‘PUZZLE MODERN’ wetsuits is for the surfer looking for the modern design with classic lines. CAD designed cut conforms to body shape combined with our super light limestone base Fiber-Light premium Japanese neoprene allows for unrestricted style and movement.

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All stock wetsuits are individually 100% hand made in Japan. We create each suit on order to make sure you are getting the freshest wetsuit every time.

Allow 12 Days for Construction from date of order.

We will advise you of the dispatch date within 48hrs of receiving your order.

Wetsuit Features:

● Freedom & Comfort

CAD tailored design

Flap-zip evenly balanced designed entry system. The durable entry holds up to all body shapes.

● YKK straight zip easy slide on slide off with button clip seal.

● Super light limestone base Fiber-Light™ premium neoprene

Traditional Japanese GBS pressure adhered double bound blind stitched seams.

● Stretch Tape on major stressed areas allowing for maximum strength and unrestricted stretch.

Thickness 202mm & 302mm

● Knee Pads, specially designed to fit the knee when bent using Quad Flex Gorge abrasion resistant jersey.

● 1 year warranty

PRODUCT warranty

Our Warranty Covers

● Out of the box policy:

1 year limited warranty on all stitching

1 year limited warranty on materials

The glidzjapan NBS Warranty:

We have a simple two phase policy which we believe is fair for both you as the customer and us as the manufacturer.Its called our NBS ‘no bull shit’ warranty and consists of our Out Of The Box policy and our Fair Deal Policy. We guarantee what we sell is free from defects in materials and workmanship.This means that the material has no flaws and the stitching is all sound.As your wetsuit is a co-creation we guarantee to have stitched your wetsuit to the measurements and specifications you have supplied. All of our products are checked for quality before they get packed and sent. wetsuits are all inflated, photographed and recorded to ensure we have made/built/constructed a defect free product. If you are not satisfied with it when you unpack it, then just contact us and together we’ll take action.

Fair deal policy:

We all use and treat our gear differently. Therefore we will apply our fair deal warranty, which means if you use your gear every day and are hard on your gear then we will warranty your equipment based on the resultant wear and tear. We will assess each wetsuit on a case-by-case situation and if we think it’s a fair deal to replace or repair the item then we will do it! The fair deal warranty applies on the behalf of the customer as well. So if we see a situation that we believe is not a fair deal to request a warranty claim then we won’t do it. Simple.

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made in japan

Our hand-crafted, Stock suits are painstakingly constructed to fit like a second skin, offering the most freedom of movement without giving up any of the strength and durability.

Because of the high-quality Japanese neoprene being used glidz japan can achieve a higher strength at a lower thickness. That means our suits are lighter and more flexible without losing any of their durability or warmth. This means that our 3×3 is equivalent to or better than an international 4×3 in thermal characteristics yet it won’t restrict your surfing.