Sales Policy

Our sales policy

Purchasing from Glidz Japan

The following applies to all sales in all territories.

Glidz Japan is an online ‘shopping cart’ set up to enable you to design and purchase your very own customized and fitted Glidz Japan wetsuit, previously only available in Japan.

It shouldn’t be exclusively for the Japanese market so we are proud to be able to offer you this service so that you too can be wearing the very best in a wetsuit. We are not a retail shop and therefore do not have a pick-up point for consignments.

The rest of the site is designed to complement your purchase decision by providing as much relevant information as we can about the world of glidzjapan. As a result our sales policy is geared around a unique online shopping experience.


Glidz Japan provides this service for you to custom design and fit your individual wetsuit to your specifications. You are entirely responsible for the information you provide. There is no recourse through us should you get this information wrong when ordering. Images and illustrations on this site are for display purposes only and will not be taken into account in any claim.

Global reach

Glidz Japan is set up to ship worldwide. All that is required by you is to select the relevant currency for your country of origin. GlidzJapan wetsuits can be customized for almost any climate conditions from Indonesia to Ireland.


We use Paypal for payment transactions. Payment terms for your custom co-created wetsuit is 100% up front.If you cannot use Paypal for whatever reason please contact us and discuss an alternative payment method.Cheques will not be accepted unless approved by management.


We are currently offering ‘standard’ shipping worldwide with an option for express shipping. We believe this simplifies the process for you. This may change without notice. The shipment will start its journey via Japan Post, after which it may be transferred to other worldwide shipping services. Glidzjapan takes no responsibility for goods once they have left our factory.


Glidz wetsuits are responsibly packed to withstand the rigors of international shipping however we do endeavor to keep costs down by not including shipping insurance. Should you require your shipment to be additionally insured then please contact us to arrange additional shipping insurance.


Each territory has its own taxation structure. Any taxes required by your country of origin are your responsibility. For example, in Australia, because most glidz wetsuits are under $1000 AUD they do not attract GST. For Australians purchasing from us the price you see on your order, including shipping will be the price you pay delivered. Your country may have different taxation schemes though.

Refunds and Warranty Claims

Firstly, we hope to never receive a return or warranty claim. If we so then we will be hard at work making sure that never happens again. For the unforeseen though:We reserve the right to refuse refunds and warranty claims if you do not produce a receipt. Please keep your receipt. Shipping of the wetsuit to Glidz Japan is the owners responsibility. Glidz Japan assess warranty claims and will, at their discretion, refund shipping charges where the warranty claim is proved to be a manufacturing or order fault. If it’s our fault then we”ll wear it but we don’t expect that to ever happen.


We endeavor to address all repairs, alterations and warranty work with-in a two week period from receipt.All wetsuits must be clean, dry and free of sand and doors. Wet, dirty or sandy suits will not be accepted for repair. Minimum Repair Charge $25.00 USD (excluding shipping)


We do not accept deposits. You wetsuit is a co-creation. Payment in full is required before commencing the cutting and stitching of your custom co-creation.

Returns Policy

Please refer to our return policy for further information. Trade-In Policy As your wetsuit is a custom fitted co-creation, glidzjapan does not provide trade-in services.